WOLFF are back with new single ‘Freak Like Me’

Wexford riffsmiths WOLFF are back with a brand new single ‘Freak Like Me’, their first release since their debut EP ‘Flesh, Blood, Skin and Bone’.

‘Freak Like Me’ is a return to form, chock full of headbanging trashy blues riffs and driven home by a pounding rhythm section. The verse sections lead you along a steady path before bursting into their catchiest chorus to date. It’s play on repeat goodness.

WOLLF have been hard at work over the last 2 years gathering a large swathe of followers and fans at home and abroad, with their music featuring on HBO, Fox Sports and Showtime to name a few. Lead singer Johnny Stewart’s regular vlogs into the processes behind the art are always a treat to watch.

The band are in the middle of a string of countrywide dates. Catch them next at Sin É this Friday at TMFTML Presents #004 alongside Chancer.

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