INTRODUCING: Dublin Instrumental Math Rock outfit Chancer unleash debut single ‘whistlers’

14800178_10157754104235691_1502075361_oChancer is the new musical venture of guitar wizard Dara Walsh. You probably know Dara as the growling frontman of Dublin math-rockers Val Normal. This new outfit delivers the quality you’d expect from such an experienced musician. Clocking in at 6:24 it’s a an odyssey of riffy goodness harking back to Adebisi Shank, TTNG and And So I Watch From Afar but remaining original and catchy as hell.

Dara says:

This is a project that stops me from going mad from not gigging. We’ve spent years at it in Val Normal gigging nearly every night and this is the first year I’ve sort of had a bit of down time. I’ve always written songs that I didn’t think to record or label or whatever but I wanted to put these ones out. There’ll definitely be more releases and maybe even live shows but I don’t have a time frame or schedule. Right now I’m just really enjoying making tunes for the sake of making tunes and not worrying about an agenda or deadlines or whatever. If people dig it that’s even better.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting those next releases, but ‘whistlers’ will demand lots of replays between now and then. Exciting stuff!

You can download the track for free on the Chancer Bandcamp page.

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