Gig of the Week: Vernon Jane launch their new album in The Academy with support from BiCurious this Friday

We’re big fans of Vernon Jane here at TMFTML, so it’s only fitting that this weeks ‘Gig of the Week’ goes to the Dublin jazz-punks who continue their unstoppable rise by launching their debut album ‘The Ritual of Love Making’ tomorrow night in The Academy.

The band have gone from strength to strength throughout the years, constantly pushing their musical boundaries and innovating with each release. Having been lucky enough to attend the intimate preview show in Abner Browns Barbershop last month I can safely say that this show is not to be missed.

Support on the night comes from instrumental noise-wizards BiCurious and remaining tickets are extremely limited so don’t sleep on this.

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TMFTML’s Tracks of the Week #001 Featuring: Vernon Jane, Thumper, Laura Ryder, The Line, Fox Jaw and more.

Thumper – Photography by Ruth Medjber @ruthlessimagery

Check out the tracks that caught our ear this week in the brand new Tracks of the Week playlist featuring Vernon Jane, Thumper, Fox Jaw, The Line, Paterson, Laura Ryder, Blue Fish Diamond, Tommy Cullen and San Rocco.

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Vernon Jane return with the breathtaking new video for ‘Push Me’

Psyjance pioneers Vernon Jane are back with a sonic and visual masterpiece in their new video for ‘Push Me’ The track is a brooding atmospheric mix of brass lines, thundering bass, plucked guitars and pained vocals which slowly build up a palpable tension. This tension finally explodes into an earth shattering crescendo in the songs final minute, shaking the listener to their core and making your hairs stand on end. 

The song is accompanied by a cryptic and stylistically gorgeous video from video director DOCK. The band play their biggest headline show to date on December 12th in the Button Factory to celebrate the release. Support on the night comes courtesy of Kerry singer/songwriterJunior Brother and Dublin psychedelic rockers Fat Pablo (FKA Beach).

Known for their energetic and visceral live shows, December 12th promises to their most immersive and intense performance yet!

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COMPETITION: Win 2 tickets to see Vernon Jane live in The Button Factory on Dec 12th

Dublin Jazz/Punk outfit Vernon Jane play their biggest headline show to date on December 12th in the Button Factory to celebrate their last release of 2018 ‘Push Me’. Support on the night comes courtesy of Kerry singer/songwriter Junior Brother and Dublin psychedelic rockers Fat Pablo (FKA Beach) and we have a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner. You can enter below:  

Vernon Jane – Button Factory Ticket Giveaway

Vernon Jane have had quite a year, releasing an ambitious slew of singles, headlining a string of festivals and signing to Ann Marie Sheilds AMS Records. The group are known for their energetic and visceral live shows and December 12th promises to their most immersive and intense performance yet, incorporating visual elements from video director DOCK and photographer Imagery by Ró throughout the night. We can’t wait to go along. Enter above to join us there or visit Eventbrite to get your tickets while you still can! 

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PREMIERE: The False and The Fair release new single ‘In The Shade of The Mountain’ ahead of Whelan’s headline show

We’re delighted to share the first single from The False and the Fair‘s upcoming debut EP ‘The Space In Between’. The band have given us a slew of singles over the last 2 years as well as some fantastic live videos but the new EP will be their first extend release. If this first track ‘In The Shade of The Mountain’ is anything to go by, you’re going to want to pick this one up when it drops on November 18th.

The vocals in the verse draw the listener in with a comforting familiarity, painting the scene beautifully and taking us to another part of the world where we can relax.  The track then expands into a full blown psychedelic 60’s tinged instrumental section that echoes the original melody that elevates the song above your average folk ballad. I can’t wait to hear what else these guys have in store on the rest of the EP.

The False And The Fair will be launching their EP with a headline show in Whelan’s on November 18th at 7:30pm. Support on the night come from the incredible Emily of Vernon Jane playing a rare solo acoustic set and Dublin singer/songwriter Aisling Jarvis. Tickets are €10 on the door or €8.50 in advance available here.

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THE FALSE AND THE FAIR present ‘In the Shade of the Mountain’, the lead single from their upcoming EP.
On a camping trip in the Wicklow mountains, Tommy was the first to wake up. He climbed some rocks and sat down, headphones on, looking down over the campsite where his friends slept. As he breathed in the cool morning air, the voice of Townes Van Zandt reverberated in his ears:

“…the sun will rise soon on the False and the Fair.”

In that moment a band was born. Once assembled, Cormac, Adam and Jacob wove their psychedelic web around Tommy’s distinctive vocals and folk songwriting to create a uniquely atmospheric blend of alternative rock. New single ‘In the Shade of the Mountain’ pays tribute to these origins while celebrating the beauty of the natural world in which we all strive for purpose.

Gig of the Week: Vernon Jane & THUMPER launch new singles in The Sugar Club this Saturday!

Two of our favourite Irish bands return this week with two wildly different and equally exciting new singles.

Jazz/Punk/Psyjance purveyors Vernon Jane have just dropped a brilliant new video for their single ‘Fragile’, directed by Conor Dockery (DOCK). The track itself is an enigmatic display of songwriting, full of chaotic and disparate sounds that somehow gel together into a deep groove that’s hard to shake once it sticks in your head.

The band said in their own words:

”Fragile explores the darker side of human nature. It captures the constant battle between keeping yourself together, or letting yourself truly fall apart.The water in the video represents the feeling of suffocating under your own expectations. We tell ourselves we have to be stronger. We have to get better, And stay better. We forget to tell ourselves to be our own authentic self. To find strength in vulnerability and fragility. We push ourselves until we break. This video represents a breaking point.”

This may be one of the few opportunities to catch them on such a small stage, Vernon Jane have just signed a worldwide distribution deal with AMS Records as well as a Chinese distribution deal with Pocket Records. Their last single ‘Fuck Me’ has also racked up a crazy 227,000 plays online. Don’t sleep on this one people.

Also launching a new single on the night are Dublin fuzz merchants THUMPER. Explosively energetic live, previous recordings have leaned pretty steeply towards the lo-fi end of the spectrum, failing to fully capture the bands raucous sound. We’re happy to report that this is not the case on the Dan Fox (Girl Band) produced ‘AFL’. The track is a perfectly polished gritty ear bleeder, rocketing through it’s 3:43 and begging to be played again.

The song is about ageing rapidly but gaining no wisdom. Feeling like a child in a man’s suit, desperately playing catch-up in the Imposter Syndrome Champions League. Every Friday night gasping for answers in the smoking area of your nearest terror den. The music thunders on and words fall away like the raving of a calm lunatic. There’s no conclusion, even at the end. 

Supporting both bands on the night are one of Ireland’s most promising instrumental bands, BiCurious. Twonys Cosmic Disco Wobbler DJs will finish out the night, hitting the decks til 3am.

Tickets are a steal at €10 and are available at the Sugar Clubs website here.

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Dublin math/post rock bands come together to raise much needed funds for Dan Wild-Beesly(Cleft)

A group of Ireland’s best noise/prog/math/instrumental and post-rock bands are coming together to raise some much needed funds for Cleft guitarist Dan Wild-Beesley.

Dan is in need of potentially life saving surgery on two brain tumors that will cost upwards of £50,000. A lot of this sum has already been raised and Dublin musicians are uniting to do their bit to help raise the rest.

The lineup on the night includes Chancer, New Secret Weapon, Megacone, Vernon Jane, BiCurious and Mutefish so even if this wasn’t for a good cause it’s already a fantastic lineup to fill your Friday night with.

The gig is in The Bowery in Rathmines and the suggested donation is €7, more details can be found on the Facebook Event here.

If you can’t make the gig but still want to donate to Dan’s treatment you can visit his JustGiving page here. 

Gig of the Week: Vernon Jane launch their incredible new single in Whelan’s TONIGHT!

We’ve been big fans of Dublin 7 piece Vernon Jane since the bands inception. Their debut EP, “The Inner Workings Of A Damaged Nobody”, released last year showed a group getting really comfortable flexing their creative muscles and showed off some very impressive songwriting chops.

A year on and Vernon Jane have come out with what could be one of the definitive songs of 2017. ‘Fuck Me’ is a 4:58 belter that climbs to an electrifying peak. Lead singer Emily O’Conner let’s loose in a tirade of built up frustrations challenging the perception of gender roles in todays society.

Check out the stunning video for the track from Paperbag Animator above.

Vernon Jane will be launching the single tonight in Whelan’s with a brilliant lineup of support acts including Wastefellow, SpudGun and Bokito as well as an art exhibition paired with the show. They’ve also got some interesting surprises lined up by the looks of things. Tickets to the show are only €8 and are available at WAV tickets and on the door. Doors are at 7pm with music kicking off at 8pm.

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Studio Diary: Emily from Vernon Jane

Vernon Jane Press shotWe’ve written about Vernon Jane before and readers will know that we hold them in very high esteem. With the band now gearing up for their first proper release, “The Inner Workings of a Damaged Nobody”, we got the low down on what went down in the studio from lead singer/guitarist Emily O’Conner. Vernon Jane will be celebrating the release this Thursday March 24th with a gig in The Opium Rooms. Support on the night comes from MEGACONE and Mescalito.

Over a few days in December my band Vernon Jane took to the studio to record our first ever release. After a tough struggle to find a studio that would respond to our inquires and fit our price range Lamplight studios appeared. It’s a cosy studio based on Cork Street.

Day 1:- Months of practice had gone in to make sure we could get 5 songs completed in 2 days. I knew this was a big undertaking but reassured my worried brain with thoughts of Alex’s dad spouting anecdotes of old school bands rocking up and recording albums in just a week.

I arrived in the early AM with a beautiful Richwood on my back and a belly full of butterflies. This was, is and forever will be a massive deal for us. We are a live band no doubt about it. For my whole music ‘career’ people have said record to a click, I have recorded to a click and we in fact practiced to a click but I knew in my heart when entering the room that a click was not right for us. We’ve been together almost two years and I felt it in my bones that an internal clock had been created. (Weeks later I might add Steve Albini secured this thought process in a masterclass). We vibe off one another, we click (terrible joke).

The rest of the band arrived within a few minutes and other then a hefty walk up the stairs with Daragh’s percussion we were ready and able to record. Steven our engineer didn’t know what to expect really and I broached the idea of recording live. This meant two electric guitars, drums, bass, percussion, trumpet and Saxophone, all live. Steven accepted the challenge and we began to set up.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that first day of recording. I could go into the semantics of every song and detail of our conversations but I think the only thing that mattered was we were all in it together. Time literally flew by and we had the music for all 5 songs down. We followed each other, that type of trust you only find with family, we had that in our favour that day. We all knew our parts, we all knew the message behind each song. I think I’m the luckiest lady alive to be making music with people who just ‘get it’. I went home, over analysed the day and waited for the next one to begin. (Honorable mentions, thanks to Pauric O’Niell and Tony Cunningham for dropping in for moral support and a cheeky listen)


Day 2:- This was a week after our first day in studio. I was meant to do all the vocals for the songs but unfortunately the winter that was in it had me very sick altogether. I arrived in studio with the brass duo, pins and needles. We recorded some extra brass, and also some wonderful sound effects (heavily featured on the track ‘Cool Breeze’). Pins and Needles are the best pairing any band could ask for, hard working, dedicated and musically gifted. They have brought sounds in my brain to life and I know that has not been an easy task.

After this it really felt like a solid foundation for vocals had been brought to life. I went home over analysed, drank honey and lemon and prepared for the final bit ahead.

Day 3:- A tough day it has to be said. Pins and Needles needed to finish some brass so I got them in early to the studio. Myself and Niamh arrived with them and made sure the process ran smooth. At this stage, I am a nervous wreck. Will I get 5 vocal tracks done in under 5 hours? We could not afford anymore studio time, so I psyched myself up and went for it with everything I had. The live feel captured as a band was so important to this process. I tried my best to engage with the movements of each piece, I felt I had an advantage as the first day was imprinted forever in my mind. I held in the back of mind how important this body of work was to me, how much time, energy and love was poured into it. My wonderful band members have invested so much to bring this all to life, so I recorded all 5 vocals in 4 and half hours. Live and emotive, I gave it everything.

-Emily Jane

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Vernon Jane will be no strangers to anyone who have been keeping a close eye on the Dublin music scene and Ireland’s festival circuit. The band burst on to the scene 2 years ago and have been steadily building a live following through sheer hard graft, while also expanding their lineup to include full brass and backing vocal sections. We’re talking Arcade Fire levels of people on stage.

As they haven’t released any material yet, their considerable standing is built on word of mouth from the lucky ones who’ve caught them ripping it up on stage. That’s all about to change, with recorded material set to be released next year. As a sneaky peek, they’ve also released a live video of an original track called ‘Hunt Me’ filmed at a recent performance at BIMM Dublin’s Live and Lyrical Showcase.

Vernon Jane are truly a force to be reckoned with, a cataclysmic cacophony. Every piece plays it’s part in the big picture of each song, masterfully knitting together to form a whole which is greater than the sum of it’s parts. You’ll no doubt see them on a stage near you very soon.

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