Shanks For the Memories (-_-)

adebisi shank whelans final shows

Last night I went to Whelans to see Adebisi Shank perform their second last show in Ireland. The math-rock trio have decided to call it a day and true to their form they’ve decided to go out with a BANG. An Album Launch/ last ever show, albeit a strange combination, results in one hell of a party. The venue was packed to capacity and I was shot back in time to their second album launch in this very same room 4 years ago. A lot has changed in 4 years but one thing remains the same, Adebisi Shank are a force to behold. They are epilepsy for the ears, a joyous apocalypse. People rejoiced, soldiers fell in the frenzied pit and were pulled to their feet by the comrades who surrounded them. Shouts of “Take of the mask” went unanswered. Will we ever know what Vinny looks like? Probably. Chants of “one more tune!” morphed into “ten more tunes!” and soon “ten more years!”. They pumped out song after song of vocoder infused tunage that I once heard best described as ‘the sound of spaceships battling’.

As much as we all wanted to deny it, all good things must come to an end. As they announced that the next song would be their last, people got prepared. Battle lines were drawn, pairs of glasses were pocketed and the audience held it’s collective breath. The last hurrah was a blur of bodies and swinging heads, when the band hit the breakdown I vaulted from the stage and was lifted above the crowd. The feeling was hard to describe, a mixture of pure elation mixed with the utter dread of knowing it would all be over soon. As the last note rang out the crowd erupted, screaming for more. But that was it, the end of an era. Adebisi Shank departed, leaving us to bask in the glory of having witnessed a true phenomenon.  That was the end of a band called Adebisi Shank.

Too often Irish bands sputter out, fading into obscurity without telling anyone. Adebisi Shank did it right. Luckily though it’s onwards and upwards for all the members it seems. Lar is making music in the recently renamed All Tvvins (with Conor Adams of The Cast of Cheers fame), Vinny is producing/mixing, working on video games and other cool stuff as VMC Sound, and is also one half of Speed of Snakes (along with Rupert from the mighty Bats). Mick, according to the band, will continue to train for his UFC career! He also heads the Europe wing of Sargent House, the record label which is home to And So I Watch You From Afar, No Spill Blood, Mylets and lots of other amazing acts.

I’ll leave you with some great advice from Adebisi Shanks breakup announcement.

“To any kids starting bands we offer one piece of advice – play music you love, with people you love, for the people you love.

We saw a million faces

Vin, Lar + Mick (-_-) xxx”

So long Adebisi Shank, and Shanks for the Memories….