INTRODUCING: Weight – the first track from The Line, a new electronic solo project from Brian Dillon (Meltybrains?, Slow Skies)

‘Weight’ is the first single from The Lines upcoming debut album ‘Matter’.

Written and produced by multi-instrumentalist Brian Dillon and releasing tomorrow via Bad Soup Records, ‘Weight’ is a dramatic and expressive piece creating vast electronic landscapes with synthetic sounds, digital noise and compressed vocals.

Starting off with an alluring and almost nursery rhyme like simplicity, the track quickly veers to the weirder side, creating a bed of electronic string sounds that draws the listener in. This one is definitely a headphones must, there’s a whole lot going on you could easily miss.

Already a well known artist in Ireland (Meltybrains?, Loah, Lilla Vargen, Slow Skies), The Line is Dillon’s new solo project. Written over the course of a year, the album explores dichotomous themes of human emotion through experimentation with soundscapes and noise.

Dillion describes The Line is a modern take on the Irish singer-songwriter tradition, consisting of sparse, emotionally bare songs, layered with ambience, noise and mind-bending soundscapes. 

We can’t wait to hear what The Line comes out with next!

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WATCH: Loah teams up with God Knows, Bantum, Dunny & Ben Bix on ‘Keep Your Heart’

Sallay Matu Garnett, better known as Loah, is a spellbinding singer who grew up between Maynooth and Sierra Leone. She made her recorded debut with last years ‘This Heart’ EP and this year she is releasing new remixes for each song on the record, working with a variety of different producers and artists. 

For ‘Keep Your Heart’, Limerick MC God Knows (of Choice Music Prize winners Rusangano Family) pens his most personal song to date over a loop of the Bantum produced instrumental ‘This Heart Interlude’. The lyrics tell of an emotional reunion with an old friend who’s fallen on hard times, a theme that’s sadly quite relatable to many young adults in Ireland.

God Knows threads the story through nostalgic childhood memories and the track is paired perfectly with a video filmed in Maynooth and Shannon (where Loah and God Knows grew up), produced by Irish studio Geppetto. Additional production on the track comes from Ben Bix & Dunny (Meltybrains?

It’s fantastic to see so many brilliant artists collaborating regularly and strengthening the Irish music community.

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Icelandic songstress JFDR hits Dublin tomorrow night with support from Paddy Hanna & Dunny

One of Iceland’s most promising new artists will be hitting Dublin’s Sugar Club tomorrow night. 22 year old songstress Jófríður Ákadóttir is far from a new name on the Nordic island, having spent her teen fronting bands such as Pascal Pinon , Samaris and GANGLY. Björk even named her as one of her influences last year. This new venture is her first solo endevour under the moniker JFDR.

A few minutes into listening to JDFR it becomes apparent that all of this fanfare is well deserved. Her solo debut Brazil a haunting piece of work dominated by Jófríður’s beautifuly fragile voice. This gig promises to be a special night and a chance to catch JFDR on a small stage before she outgrows them completely, which will probably be very soon.

Support on the night comes from Paddy Hannah and Meltybrains? member Dunny. Tickets are €12.50 and are available from The Sugar Club website here.

Stream JFDR’s debut album Brazil below.

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Meltybrains? are back with a new EP on the eve of their biggest show to date.

Dublin’s weirdest band Meltybrains? are back with their new ‘Kiss Yourself’ EP. The self released body of work is a sometimes scattered but always interesting collection that benefits greatly from repeat listens. There is a LOT to digest here. It’s chock full of beautifully developed motifs that are pushed right to their sonic limits.

This EP feels like a real leap forward in terms of direction from some of the bands earlier work and leaves you begging for more. We might just get it as they reportedly wrote over 40 tracks while demoing this EP with plans to release the rest in the near future.

Tomorrow night (Friday 24th) the 5 piece will be finishing up a tour that saw them play shows up and down Ireland, Iceland and the UK with their biggest headline show to date in The Academy, Dublin. I’ve said it before but live is where Meltybrains? really shine.

Their gigs are full on performance art pieces with frequent crowd participation and social experiments thrown in. They’ve said they have some big surprises up their sleeves and I can’t even guess what they could be. I’m pretty confident they’ll be a lot of fun though. Tickets are still available here, snap one up before their gone. This will be a show to remember.

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Meltybrains? announce Irish/UK tour on the back of new releases


Dublin masked melody makers Meltybrains? have been busy bees lately. They’ve released 3 new singles in as many months and are about to embark on an Irish/UK tour starting this Friday.

melty tour

Never a band to bow to convention, they released the first song ‘New Don’ on a limited edition run of 100 signature red masks. The song starts with an inviting yet slightly unnerving melody before developing into a haunting soundtrack you can imagine being chased through the woods to.

‘Wiggly Worms’ tells the age old tale of meeting your partner’s parents for the first time from the perspective of both parties. It features uplifting choruses and is delivered in their unmistakable style.

‘Heartfelt Hummer’ is a laid back song with groove to burn. Check the video’s description for the hilarious stories behind the lyrics.

Meltybrains? are a sight to behold live and the stage is where they are truly in their element. `Their energy is infectious and their tight displays of musical prowess are well worth a watch. Get yourself down to one of these shows and see for yourself!

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TMFTML’s Top 20 Acts To Go See at Light Colour Sound

Tomorrow marks the start of the inaugural year of a newcomer to the Irish festival scene, Light Colour Sound. It seems the people behind the new venture in Shankill Castle are not ones to start things of slow because they’ve put together a phenomenal lineup of up and coming (and well established) Irish acts.

So without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are my top 20 bands to make sure you see over the weekend!
The Eskies
I’ve found the best way to describe the Eskies music is ‘Gentleman Pirate Folk’. Silly genre names aside, these lads always put on a hell of a show. Check out this live video from Knockanstockan for a taste of what to expect.


Halves are a Dublin based ambient electronic rock band known for their eclectic live performances. Their latest album, Boa Howl, is a pleasure to listen to. Expect Flugelhorn, you wont be disappointed!


Raglans have been quietly making waves in the Irish scene for a couple of years, releasing fantastic singles like ‘Natives’ and ‘Digging Holes’. Having just released their self titled debut album, those waves are set to get a lot bigger!

The Cold Draw
Formally The Thomas Donoghue Band, the name isn’t the only change that’s happened to this band. After releasing an impressive EP last year, they’ve expanded their instrumentation and arrangements. Live, they produce a pretty epic sound. With their debut album about to drop, get ready to start hearing a lot more about these guys.

Overhead, The Albatross
OTA are quite simply one of the best live bands in the country. It’s a bit like if Mogwai and Pink Floyd headbutted each other really hard. They’ve been teasing us with EP’s and Charity singles for way too long, but having retreated to a forest in the Czech Republic to write and record their debut long player, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer. In the meantime, go see them and get excited!

Wood Burning Savages
Wood Burning Savages are an alternative rock band from Derry. Fresh from their set at the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury they’re sure to play a blinder at LCS. Don’t expect to see them in such an intimate setting for long!

Val Normal
Val Normal are a bit like Biffy Clyro if they just kept getting heavier! Last year they released their debut album Plans? What Plans? to critical acclaim and they’ve been gigging absolutely everywhere since. They have their live show down to a T, expect odd time signature changes, and to get confused if you try to dance!

Race The Flux
RTF are synth-infused cocktail of hard rock and Battles-esque rhythm sorcery. They dropped their debut mini-album Dutch Buffalo last year and have since gone on to support superstars Tame Impala in the Olympia Theatre. Bring lasers.

Radioactive Grandma
This Cavan three piece know how to pack a punch armed only with an Acoustic Guitar, Cajon and Bass. There might not be much electricity going into the performance, but there’s a hell of a lot coming out!

All The Luck In The World
ATLITW are a band from Wicklow who have seen a very fast and possibly unexpected rise in popularity after posting some of their work to YouTube. One of the home recorded songs, Never, reached an impressive 70,000 hits without any promotion before being featured on a Trivago advertisement. It’s now sitting pretty on nearly 1.5 million views! But views aren’t that important, so have a listen below and hear for yourself!

Ka tet
Ka tet are a Galway based alternative rock band. Having released their debut album ARCADIA last year the band have been extensively gigging the length and breadth of the country as well as the UK. They put on a pretty fantastic live show, expect to wake up with a bangover!

Dott are a garage pop band from Galway. Their surf rock infused, harmony driven sound is a delight to experience live. Having just released their debut album Swoon, the band have been touring the US, complete with slots at this years SXSW festival in Texas. Expect to leave smiling widely.
From what I’ve heard, the average age of Bagels is around 15. I wish I was making music this good now, these guys are awesome. Have a listen!

We Town Criers
WTC are a Galway based band who’s riffs are stadium worthy. Their debut album Swing Beast is a lesson in rock music. This is the third band in the list to feature drummer Ronan Connaghton(He drums in Ka tet and Race the Flux too), it’s gonna be a busy weekend for him!
New Secret Weapon
NSW(not to be confused with NSFW) have been on the scene for a long time, but until very recently had no recordings to back up their reputation. That has since been remedied with the masterpiece that is their self titled debut album. It’s been met with praise from fans and critics alike, have a listen, it’s easy to hear why!

Enemies are a melodic instrumental rock band. Their new album Embark, Embrace is a wholly satisfying listen, with hooks that will dig into your earholes. They’ve just recruited a new drummer, Micheál Quinn (Meltybrains?, Slow Skies). He’s got some big shoes to fill, but having seen him drum in so many different styles so impressively I can’t wait to hear it!

The Hot Sprockets
The Hot Sprockets shouldn’t really need an introduction here. Their a bit like if The Grateful Dead got cryogenically frozen in the 60’s, but still got to listen to music from then till now, then thawed out ready to take over the world. Expect well timed Rock and Roll choreography and probably Buckfast.

John Blek and The Rats
I saw this band for the first time last year and really felt like I had been missing something. They’re a Cork based Folk/Country act whose songcraft really shines through. Grab a beer, relax and just have a nice sway.

O Emperor
Waterford band O Emperor have been going from strength to strength. Their hard work so far has culminated in their fantastic new album Vitreous. The record is a real album and should be listened to in full. It clocks in at just over 30 minutes of bliss. Check it out!
And So I Watch You From Afar
I said at the start of this post that these bands were in no particular order, but in the case of ASIWYFA that was a bit of a lie. I am so excited to see these guys again, it’s been over a year. But its not because they don’t play shows, quite the opposite. ASIWYFA have been touring everywhere, from Asia , Africa and Europe to the US, Canada and South America. It’s a bit of a treat when they get home for some gigs and Saturday will be no exception. Bring dry clothes, this ones gonna be sweaty!

There are still tickets available for the festival, but probably not for long, so get your arse in gear if you want to see these and so many other fantastic acts. Tickets are available here!