Eoin Martin

Having spent the last few years honing his craft on the live circuit in Ireland, Eoin Martin is here with his new single ‘Harriett’, a haunting ballad with equally haunting origins. The song was written in Eoin’s second home Charleville Castle. The castle is reputed to be haunted by a little girl named Harriet, youngest daughter of the third Earl of Charleville, who died tragically in the main staircase of the building at the age of 8 in April 1863. Her presence in the castle has been reported many times by many different people… Singing in the middle of the night, laughing, screams, etc…Some people think they have caught her on their cameras as they can see shadows or mists on the pictures they took within the castle… Others have also said to have seen an image of a little girl with a blue and white dress, with golden curls with blue ribbons in the hair. Eoin retells the story and what it means to him with the help of vivid imagery and lyrical wordplay.


Eoin has been called Ireland’s answer to Newton Faulkner and  PureM nominated him for the Best Male Solo Act Award.

MRU Magazine had this to say

“As far as guitars go, nothing beats the acoustic guitar when it’s played expertly. Eoin Martin, from Offaly, is such an expert. He plays so beautifully that he cannot fail to impress. His riffs would rival Metallica and his use of harmonics is exquisite but restrained – it would be easy to overdo it. Martin is clearly a master of the instrument. He also impresses with that other instrument, the voice. Put simply, he sings his heart out. The lyrics are intelligent and well crafted and they round off what is a gorgeous collection of songs. It will be interesting to see where Eoin Martin goes from here. Whatever he chooses to do you get the feeling that he’s sure to succeed. An exciting prospect. Verdict 6/6” – MRU Magazine

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