General queries

Adam [at] tmftml [dot] com

This is my personal email. Please get in touch here in relation to collaborations, event bookings, work related queries, general queries, business contacts, new ideas etc. Please do not send any new music or submissions here. 

Sending me music?

I try my best to listen to everything I get sent. I’ve been on both sides of the equation here over the years and I endeavor to give everyone who decides to send me their music the time they deserve in return. I greatly appreciate being included in your mail-out lists.

Having said all that, due to the high volume of emails coming in, I simply cannot reply to everyone that sends me new music. TMFTML is a one man operation. I work full time in the music and events industry and unfortunately I can only dedicate so much time to this website. This is a passion project for me, not how I make a living. 

Please feel free to follow up with me, but please also understand that if I can’t get back to you it’s nothing personal. I will listen to everything that is sent to me even if it takes me a few weeks. Unfortunately, I only have so much time to dedicate to the blog but rest assured that I will consider your music and will be in touch if I intend to feature it here in some way. 

The email address for Music Submissions is:

NewMusic [at] tmftml [dot] com

Promos, track streams, music videos, premiere offers, album links & releases, gig announcements etc.   

Some general advice for new artists sending out music to reviewers 

Try and give as much time in advance of the release as possible as it often takes a few weeks to get through everything that’s sent in. The ideal timeline would be a month to six weeks ahead of the intended release date.

If you are sending a song, please make it as easy as possible for me to hear your music. You should include:

  • Immediate streaming links to songs (Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube etc) with an option to download tracks.
  • A simple, short email with some info on the release, bio, release dates, social links and links to optional hi-res photos and downloads (avoid attachments)
  • Using sites like Adobe Spark or a private website link featuring all of the info is preferable to a designed attached PDF EPK, and also easier to update should any information change. 
  • Never require a download in order to hear the track. You can offer optional downloads of tracks and photos via Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
  • Generally, try to reduce the number of clicks it takes for someone to hear your music. Linktree or similar services make this very simple.

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