INTRODUCING: Weight – the first track from The Line, a new electronic solo project from Brian Dillon (Meltybrains?, Slow Skies)

‘Weight’ is the first single from The Lines upcoming debut album ‘Matter’.

Written and produced by multi-instrumentalist Brian Dillon and releasing tomorrow via Bad Soup Records, ‘Weight’ is a dramatic and expressive piece creating vast electronic landscapes with synthetic sounds, digital noise and compressed vocals.

Starting off with an alluring and almost nursery rhyme like simplicity, the track quickly veers to the weirder side, creating a bed of electronic string sounds that draws the listener in. This one is definitely a headphones must, there’s a whole lot going on you could easily miss.

Already a well known artist in Ireland (Meltybrains?, Loah, Lilla Vargen, Slow Skies), The Line is Dillon’s new solo project. Written over the course of a year, the album explores dichotomous themes of human emotion through experimentation with soundscapes and noise.

Dillion describes The Line is a modern take on the Irish singer-songwriter tradition, consisting of sparse, emotionally bare songs, layered with ambience, noise and mind-bending soundscapes. 

We can’t wait to hear what The Line comes out with next!

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INTRODUCING: Claire Z teases upcoming album with debut single ‘The Getty’

Dublin based singer Claire Z has just released ‘The Getty’, the first of 10 tracks from her upcoming debut album Between the Sun & Moon,  which she plans to release separately over the coming months.

‘The Getty’ shows off Claire’s smooth vocal style, underlain with a head bopping modern soul progression and soft backing vocals. We’re very excited to see what the rest of the album has to offer. Check out the album teaser trailer below: 

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INTRODUCING: Midnight Wayne debuts with psychedelic pop single ‘Someone Like You’

Dublin rockers The Hot Sprockets sadly packed things in last November, but frontman Wayne Soper is back with a new solo vehicle, Midnight Wayne. His debut track, ‘Someone Like You’, is a gorgeous psychedelic dream pop tune that oozes sunny summer vibes out of every pore. It’s one that’s bound to be stuck in your head from the very first listen. It’s buttery smooth with hooks aplenty.

Taking a leaf out of Tame Impala/Kevin Parker’s book,  Soper writes, records and plays everything on the track from bass to synth, enjoying the freedom of creating outside of the commitments of a touring rock’n’roll band.

He plans to drop a few more tracks this year & we’re happy to hear that the dreamy psychedelic folk-pop journey is only beginning…

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INTRODUCING: Oscar Mild offer a breath of fresh air with first single ‘Sit Right’

The brilliantly named Oscar Mild are a newly formed four piece progressive folk band hailing from Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. Led by vocalist and main songwriter Philip Mc Mahon with Sean Wynne on drums, the band are a regular pedigree of the west of Ireland’s musical heritage. Joe Padfield, former front man of the fantastic math rock group ‘Race the Flux’ takes up lead guitar as well as overseeing the recording/production/mixing of the bands upcoming debut EP ‘The Boy Who Fell From the Sea’. Tomas Concannon, the former frontman of Galway alt-rockers ‘Ka tet’ completes the line up on bass.

The band have just released their first single ‘Sit Right’ on the new Galway indie label Umbrella Records.

Sit Right starts off simply with a catchy and effective acoustic guitar line, but it quickly sets itself apart from your general folk tune with the addition of lush vocal harmonies and lots of underlying sonic textures. The chorus section is a surprising and welcome lift, further adding to the vast dynamic range on display here. The bright sounding second guitar and shuffling drums compliment Philips gorgeous lead vocal throughout.

Overall an extremely promising start from the Connacht natives, I look forward to seeing what else they’ve got to offer!

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PREMIERE: Irish instrumentalist math wizards Yonen release new track, ‘Tokyo’, ahead of UK Tour.

Following in the footsteps of And So I Watch You From Afar, Adebisi Shank, The Redkneck Manifesto, God is an Astronaut and joining the plethora of great instrumental music coming from this island are Yonen.

Yonen are 4 piece instrumental math rock band from Dublin. ‘Tokyo’ is their first official single but they’re no strangers to the live scene having already supported heavyweights such as Toe, TTNG, Overhead the Albatross, and Poly-Math to name but a few.

‘Tokyo’ is being released on the eve of a six date UK Tour this February with one man band/loop pedal purveyor Steve Strong.
The track itself is a 6:55 odyssey, journeying through the streets of Tokyo and seeing the city through the imagination of minds that have never been there. The motif stays fairly similar throughout but is treated to a dizzying array of changes in dynamics and effects, reminiscent of some of Three Trapped Tigers recent efforts, but a lot more jazzy.

Guitarist Cian Finlay told us a little bit about the writing process:

Our songs take place in hyperbolic and fantastical settings. Though Tokyo is a non fictional city, the song is merely capturing the inscape of the word “Tokyo” as an abstract – i.e. what images your mind conjures when you hear the word “Tokyo”.
(PS we’ve never been there so it’s all a lie. Shhhh!)

We see Tokyo as bustling with activity, strobing with vibrant colours, and hinting at a quirky cultural undercurrent. The protagonist (the listener) traverses the city throughout the track, beginning in the suburbs and making their way through to the center. The bustling busy ride patterns increase in activity on the journey in. The vibrant colourful synth tone gradually increases in sustain until exploding into an entirely new palette of colour (harmony).

Then the protagonist is introduced to the cultural quirks through the 8 bit production atop the cheeky melody. As our songs are experimental, it helps to have a well defined narrative of environment during the writing process to keep our piece coherent and consistent. Or, we could just get a singer.

Fun fact: In the first main melody, every mini phrase comprises of 4 notes. (…except for the 5th group…)

Fun fact: the synth tone is actually a bass running through a Zoom B3 Multi Effects Unit. Nice tone Bro.

Fun fact: The two guitarist mixed and produced the song together, and somehow are still friends.

There seems to be some big plans ahead for the single. Alongside the supporting tour of the UK, there will be both a full length animated music video and an interactive game released by the animation/programming team of Ross Ryder and Joey Breslin. These have been designed within the video game engine ‘Unity’ and also feature as the center-piece in the bands live show. The few sneak peeks they’ve given us of the project look very promising.

No Irish dates have been announced yet, but expect to see Yonen on the summer festival circuit later this year.

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INTRODUCING: Harbouring Oceans


Harbouring Oceans are a new 5 piece alt-pop band from Kilkenny. Their members (Dan Pearson, brothers Geoff & Benedict Warner-Clayton, Ken Farrell & Thomas Donoghue) are no strangers to the Irish music scene, having cut their teeth in various bands including The Cold Draw and Chemical Addiction.

Harbouring Oceans first single, ‘ENSO’ is a distinct departure from these roots. It’s an uplifting, harmony driven journey that squeezes an awful lot into it’s 4 minute timeline.

You get the sense that this is a band ready to deliver the goods right out of the gate. The arrangement of the various instruments blend effortlessly into a beautiful soundscape.

The band have almost completed their first Irish tour which was wide ranging and ambitious, 9 shows spread over 6 counties. Their final show is this Thursday in Dublin’s Button Factory, with support from the incredible Vernon Jane, We Were Giants and Farah Elle. Tickets are €10 and are available from Eventbrite.

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Vernon Jane will be no strangers to anyone who have been keeping a close eye on the Dublin music scene and Ireland’s festival circuit. The band burst on to the scene 2 years ago and have been steadily building a live following through sheer hard graft, while also expanding their lineup to include full brass and backing vocal sections. We’re talking Arcade Fire levels of people on stage.

As they haven’t released any material yet, their considerable standing is built on word of mouth from the lucky ones who’ve caught them ripping it up on stage. That’s all about to change, with recorded material set to be released next year. As a sneaky peek, they’ve also released a live video of an original track called ‘Hunt Me’ filmed at a recent performance at BIMM Dublin’s Live and Lyrical Showcase.

Vernon Jane are truly a force to be reckoned with, a cataclysmic cacophony. Every piece plays it’s part in the big picture of each song, masterfully knitting together to form a whole which is greater than the sum of it’s parts. You’ll no doubt see them on a stage near you very soon.

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Introducing: Citizen or Ghost


Citizen or Ghost are a new four piece Alt/ Hard rock band from Dublin. They’ve just released the video for their début Single “The Great Deceiver” and it’s a cracker that’s sure to be a hit with fans of System of a Down and Deftones.

The band are advocates of the DIY approach and wish to use every resource available. This includes recording, mixing & mastering their own material and producing our own art concepts and videos.
“Our approach is simple, Letting the music speak for itself!
Not having any typical rock clichés pollute the creative process.”
Plans for an album will be set in motion for the near future.
“The Great Deceiver” is available for FREE download from their Bandcamp page, get it while it’s hot!
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phazamhazePhazam Haze is the brain child of Alex Harvey, Gavin Dunlea and Ricky Lahart. I’ve had the pleasure of catching them live on a few occasions and now they’ve teamed up with Creamy Sonic Studios to give you the chance too.

The band have been active for the last few months and are currently preparing to release under the BOPA Records Label (Also home to the wonderful Vernon Jane), highly recommended to anyone who likes a bit of Primus or Queens of the Stone Age.

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