PREMIERE: Dublin loop junkies Chancer release new single ‘Streets of Ragel’

Dublin instrumentalists Chancer have released a brand new single from their forthcoming EP. ‘Streets of Ragel’ is a blistering bareknuckle ride, rapidly changing between the melodic and chaotic and delivering a beautiful string soaked thematic development throughout. At a hefty 6:19 seconds, it never loses pace and is constantly toying with dynamics and rhythmic oscillations, remaining interesting and engaging from start to finish.

The video for the track features Dublin aerial performer APolly Naria of Tribal Dance Studios performing a variety of high flying and technically impressive circus feats that really suits the accompanying music.

‘Streets of Ragel’ is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD now on Chancer’s Bandcamp page or at the link below.

Come help Chancer launch their new single in Sin É tonight alongside WOLFF and Markas Carcas and the Trail Gang. Entry is FREEEEEE and doors are at 8:30pm. See you in the front row!

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ChoiceCuts are bringing rap legend RA the Rugged Man and his freestyle prodigy A-F-R-O to The Sugar Club next month!

R.A the Rugged Man is one of those artists that you may not have heard of but who has been omnipresent at the top of the his game for decades. With a AAA list of collaborators that include The Wu-Tang Clan, The Alchemist, Tech N9ne, Talib Kweli, Masta Ace, Kool G Rap and Notorious B.I.G, who famously said in reference to R.A “and I thought I was the illest!”

Take a dive into his back catalogue and you will quickly find yourself hooked into his lyrical flow. R.A’s skills on the mic are undisputable and his lyrics range from funny and sarcastic to deeply angry and profound like on the track ‘Uncommon Valor’ which chronicles his fathers experience in the Vietnam war, whose exposure to Agent Orange left R.A’s brother Maxx physically and visually impaired and his sister Dee Ann unable to walk or speak.

After his albums were shelved by major labels he took things into his own hands, organising independent shows, pressing his own vinyl singles and racking up one of the most impressive resumes in Rap history.

In 2015, R.A ran a freestyle contest on Youtube for young unknown rappers. It was here he came across A-F-R-O, or All Flows Reach Out (Real name James Gutierrez), a then 17 year old bespectacled afro sporting kid from Southern California. R.A took AFRO under his wing and now the two are partners in paying homage to the rap greats and continuing to push the boundaries of the craft.

Under R.A’s mentorship, A-F-R-O is ushering in a new era of excellence for rap traditionalists, spitting sick rhymes over simple beats. No auto-tune, no trap breakdowns and certainly no pop starlets in the chorus. This is old school to its core. AFRO raps so fast sometimes it’s difficult to even keep up and his ability to do this straight off the top of his head is nothing short of mind blowing.

Next month’s show will be a rare opportunity to see these 2 hip hop heavyweights up close and personal in an intimate setting and I for one cannot wait!

The show part of the Beck’s Rhythm Series on Monday November 20th and tickets are available on The Sugar Club website for €20.

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TMFTML Presents #004 this Friday with Chancer, WOLFF and Markas Carcas

We’re getting in to the spirit of Halloween with a lineup of acts that are guaranteed to make you scream!

Headlining on the night and launching their incredible new single ‘Streets of Ragel’ are Dublin instrumental math wizards Chancer. Originally a solo side project of Val Normal‘s Dara Walsh, the band has expanded to a 4-piece and have just completed their first Irish tour. Their music is complex in nature but instantly accessible, full of mind bending loops and ear grabbing hooks. For fans of Adebisi Shank, And So I Watch You From Afar and TTNG.

”Chancer deliver punchy hooks and off-kilter ear-worms. The band has transitioned from a solo project to duo, from power-trio to power-quattro, with members from other local bands stepping in and filling the interstices. The band’s latest single ‘Banger’ is bound to get you bouncing.”

Support on the night comes from Wexford riffsmiths WOLFF, purveyors of the finest thrash blues the southeast has to offer. WOLLF is the brainchild of Johhny Stewart who, along with his hard hitting bandmates, has carved a niche through the Irish music landscape over the last 2 years with a combination of killer tunes and hard graft. Their new single ‘Freak Like Me’ comes out TODAY so be sure to check it out! For Fans of Queens of the Stone AgeThe Black Keys and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Official Page)

Markas and Koach from the foot stompin blues spewin Markas Carcas and the Trail Gang are opening the show for us as well! Markas Carcas is the musical moniker of Dubliner Mark Flynn, whose musical journey started early having learnt the piano at a young age before dropping the instrument in favour of the guitar. Those early years training his fingers on the keys shine through in his unique style of finger picking and highly rhythmic strumming. His music is straight up delta blues, flown from Mississippi with a detour through Dublin.

We’ll have prizes on the night for ‘Best Costume’ so be sure to get your trusty Bin Bag Batman out of the back of the wardrobe!

Entry is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and doors are at 8:30pm. See you in the front row!

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WOLFF are back with new single ‘Freak Like Me’

Wexford riffsmiths WOLFF are back with a brand new single ‘Freak Like Me’, their first release since their debut EP ‘Flesh, Blood, Skin and Bone’.

‘Freak Like Me’ is a return to form, chock full of headbanging trashy blues riffs and driven home by a pounding rhythm section. The verse sections lead you along a steady path before bursting into their catchiest chorus to date. It’s play on repeat goodness.

WOLLF have been hard at work over the last 2 years gathering a large swathe of followers and fans at home and abroad, with their music featuring on HBO, Fox Sports and Showtime to name a few. Lead singer Johnny Stewart’s regular vlogs into the processes behind the art are always a treat to watch.

The band are in the middle of a string of countrywide dates. Catch them next at Sin É this Friday at TMFTML Presents #004 alongside Chancer.

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