Meltybrains? are back with a new EP on the eve of their biggest show to date.

Dublin’s weirdest band Meltybrains? are back with their new ‘Kiss Yourself’ EP. The self released body of work is a sometimes scattered but always interesting collection that benefits greatly from repeat listens. There is a LOT to digest here. It’s chock full of beautifully developed motifs that are pushed right to their sonic limits.

This EP feels like a real leap forward in terms of direction from some of the bands earlier work and leaves you begging for more. We might just get it as they reportedly wrote over 40 tracks while demoing this EP with plans to release the rest in the near future.

Tomorrow night (Friday 24th) the 5 piece will be finishing up a tour that saw them play shows up and down Ireland, Iceland and the UK with their biggest headline show to date in The Academy, Dublin. I’ve said it before but live is where Meltybrains? really shine.

Their gigs are full on performance art pieces with frequent crowd participation and social experiments thrown in. They’ve said they have some big surprises up their sleeves and I can’t even guess what they could be. I’m pretty confident they’ll be a lot of fun though. Tickets are still available here, snap one up before their gone. This will be a show to remember.

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REVIEW: Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles in The Sugar Club

The Sugar Club is packed to capacity as Cory Henry and his band take to the stage. The Snarky Puppy keyboardist needs no introduction and his fans have come out in droves to see what his solo side project has to offer.

From the moment the first song begins it’s clear that this will be a night to remember. Cory is a masterful bandleader, taking time to step out of the limelight. While the band members rip it up with extended solos, Cory struts around the stage egging each of them on. Shouting, instructing “Hit me on the one.” Bham! “Hit me on the two.”…Bham! “Hit me on the three”……Bham! “Take it back home.”

When it’s his time to shine, he goes into a trance like state. He stares straight ahead, not even glancing at the keys as he plays incredibly complicated improvisational pieces. “Was that alright?” Cory asks, “YEAAAAH!” we reply.

Funk is music that is innately fun. The audience and the performers share the thrill of taking risks, laughing when it doesn’t work and cheering when it does. If there was a single word to describe this show, that’d be it. FUN!  My highlight of the night was the dark, brooding, bass heavy cover of Prince’s “1999”, with it’s slow build eventually erupting into a massive crescendo. Incredible stuff.  Soulful backing singers, walking baselines, syncopated guitar and  insane drum groove. These guys had it all.

The shouts of “ONE MORE TUNE” threatened to bring the house down and they graced our ears with one more dose of musical medicine. Afterwards Cory stood by the exit meeting fans and thanking anyone who said hello. This is a man who truly appreciates his fans. I’d highly reccomend checking him out next itme he hits our shores.

A special mention to the band and their great hats!

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